Utrecht. Tale of a City
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ISBN: 978-90-5345-590-6
print: juli 2022
15 x 23 cm - 152 blz.
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Utrecht. Tale of a City

Renger de Bruin, René de Kam, Kaj van Vliet

Published in collaboration with: Gilde Utrecht, Het Utrechts Archief

Utrecht is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, and this is visible in many of its streets, alleys, churches, and houses. In order to understand the Utrecht of this day and age, we need to understand its past. A past which recent research has shown to go back much further than we previously thought. The history of Utrecht no longer starts with the Romans, but goes back as far as the Stone Age, some 13,000 years ago.

For centuries the city of Utrecht was contained within its moat, but in the past 150 years it has seen an explosive growth. By now, Utrecht has almost 350,000 inhabitants and is considered one of the most successful economic regions in Europe.

Utrecht. Tale of a City concisely narrates this impressive history, incorporating the latest archaeological and historical discoveries. The book offers a clear and practical overview of what has taken place in this ancient city at the foot of the iconic Domtoren.

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